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I'm the great-great-great grandson of Anton Wasinger and Peter Leiker
Russ Gunther,
Phoenix, Arizona by way of Chicago
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Munjor Explorations | History

Elementary School

Prior to the Munjor Elementary School building becoming operational in 1974, the two-story limestone building at 882 Main was the schoolhouse for Munjor. children.

German Village with Six Names

The origins for the name of the town of Munjor go back to the German people who established villages along the Volga River in Russia around 1764 to 1768.

Iron Cross at Saint Francis Cemetery

As you stroll through this small country cemetery you will notice the beautiful metal art works that are the iron cross grave markers for many of the early Munjor pioneers.

Munjor Becomes a Town

Munjor was founded in August 1876 by German immigrants who came from Obermonjour, Russia, a small village along the Volga River.

Peter Leiker

Peter was one of the original founders of Munjor in August 1876. His ancestors were part of the group of Germans who left their homeland following the end of the Seven Years War.

Peter Stoecklein

Peter Stoecklein was one of the five men in the first scouting group that came from Russia in 1874 to investigate locations in the United States where the Germans from along the Volga River could establish new villages in America.

School House

The current two story limestone building that is used as the St. Francis Parish Hall served as the Munjor School for many years.

Sisters' Convent

The Sisters of Saint Agnes from Fond du Lac, Wisconson, served the Munjor community and were the teachers at the school from 1885 to 1967.

St. Francis Monastery

The first priests to serve Munjor came from Herzog or Hays and it was not until a suitable residence was built that Munjor finally had its own permanent priest.

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

Construction of the first church in Munjor began in the fall of 1877 and was completed in February 1878.

The Munjor Store

This somewhat ordinary looking building has an interesting history and was a special place to the residents of Munjor because for years it was known as the Munjor Store - the place to buy groceries in Munjor.
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