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Dexter is a wonderful town full of friendly people! Can't wait to visit again.
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Discovery of Helium

Dexter, KS

About this Exploration:

In 1903, the community of Dexter was celebrating the hopes of economic prosperity as a a "howling gasser" had been discovered.  The citizens were excited about a large pocket of gas that was found below the earth.  A huge celebration was planned including a band, speeches and games.  The evening would end with the lighting of the gas that was billed to "light the entire countryside for a day and a night". 
Imagine the community's dismay as the gas wouldn't burn!!
A geologist at Kansas University was intrigued by the event and arranged for a sample to be delivered.  After several years of research, in 1905, helium was discovered in the Dexter.
A pocket park with the original helium discovery site is located downtown on the West side of Main Street.

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