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NE Kansas
Waterville Explorations
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Waterville Explorations | History

Anntie M's Attic

You are invited to promenade through women's history while relishing vintage clothing, hats and accessories that adorned women from the 1870's through 1980's. Refreshments from a Victorian tea to 50's malt shop specials can be enjoyed by guests upon request.

Central Branch Railroad

Vintage Charm Guesthouse/Bed and Breakfast

This historically restored 1905 Victorian Bed and Breakfast went from condemned to cast. Smell of down home cuisine as soon as you pass through our leaded glass peacock front door. We are non-resident innkeepers so you can enjoy the comforts of home without interruptions.
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Ann Mann
112 E Hazelwood
Waterville, KS 66548
Phone: 785.363.2327
Fax: 785.363.2368
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