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Hospital portrays rural architecture style

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Rooks County Health Center
The new Rooks County Health Center (RCHC), dedicated in September 2008, is not your typical hospital with an "institutional" look.   RCHC was designed to feature the iconic materials found within the rural communities of Rooks County. 
Red was chosen to represent barn buildings, lean-tos, and other farm buildings.  The green siding was used to represent the green fields and grass. 
The design uses materials indigenous to this area of Kansas, like galvanized metal, brick, concrete, steel and limestone--things frequently seen in farm settings all around Rooks County.
One of the more unusual architectural features of the hospital is "The Silo."   This galvanized steel-covered portion of the building is actually a living quarters, of sorts, for visiting doctors.
Generally, the hospital is open to the viewing public during regular business hours, with a person at the admissions desk in the front entrance.  Staffed hours are Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-5 p.m.   A small gift shop is also located in the lobby area.

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