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Phillipsburg Explorations
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Parking in the Middle of the Street

Address: Downtown Square
Phillipsburg, KS 67661

About this Exploration:

Visitors to Phillipsburg always comment on our unique parking.  While most communities no longer park in the middle of the street, the tradition still exists in Phillipsburg. 
As you explore the sites located around the square, you will have the opportunity to park your car vertically in the middle of the street.  All around the square, shoppers and coffee drinkers continue this custom. Whether for a few minutes or all day, cars dot the middle of the streets in our downtown.

contact info
Phillips County Economic Development
205 F St. - PO BOX 604
Phillipsburg, KS 67661
Phone: 785.543.5809
Fax: 785.543.5762
Discover Phillipsburg Main Street
466 Main Street
Phillipsburg, KS 67661
Phone: 785.540.4110
City of Phillipsburg
945 2nd - P.O. Box 447
Phillipsburg, KS 67661
Phone: 785.543.5234
Phillipsburg Area Chamber of Commerce
270 State Street
Phillipsburg, KS 67661
Phone: 785.543.2321
Fax: 785.543.0038
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