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Minneapolis, KS 67467
Telephone Number: 785.392.3068

About this Exploration:

As you travel on US-81, you may notice a stone arch to the east of the four-lane highway. Just north of Pipe Creek, the arch has been joined by a cross in the last few years.
Inspired by who-knows-what, friends Jim Jagger and Ron Parks decided to put an arch in a pasture. Jim's dad owned the pasture. Ron's dad was a mason. In the early 1970s, that was enough reason for these college grads to dream up this project.
The arch has the same basic dynamics as the famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis...admittedly on a smaller scale...and built with field stones. Overlooking the valley and highway, the arch resides at the crest of the hill and is clearly visible on the horizon.
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Minneapolis Area Chamber of Commerce
200 W. 2nd Street
Minneapolis, KS 67467
Phone: 785.392.3068
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