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The site looks terrific! Love the pictures and information given. Good job Connie! This is a great ADDITION in showing ...
Rita Sharp
Lucas, KS
NC Kansas
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World's Smallest Mural

Address: 226 South Kansas Avenue
Lucas, KS 67648
Telephone Number: 7855256377
Second Telephone Number: 7857600826

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About this Exploration:

Erika Nelson, Lucas artist and director of World's Largest Things, Inc., decided to do something extra special in honor of the 150th birthday of Kansas, which occurred on January 29, 2011.  On that date, in a single day, she created The World's Smallest Mural, which depicts people and items from the history of Kansas.  You will be amazed at the complexity and variety found in this latest Lucas attraction.  Open year round and the admission is free! The mural is on the north side of Erika's house. Feel free to walk up and look at the mural.

 The following is an explanation of what is depicted in the mural, courtesy of Erika:      

"Featuring my favorite things about Kansas... The stylized sunflower comes from the highway signs, some of the best roads in the nation, with the World's Largest Ball of Twine (Cawker City) as the center. John Brown holds a Souvenir Travel Plate (Lucas), and a skillett with some flapjacks for the big Pancake Day Race (Liberal).  

"Elizabeth "Grandma" Layton (Wellsville) shows her strength in overcoming depression through her own brand of blind contour drawing.

"S.P. Dinsmoor (Lucas) is featured in the postcard on the left, in a double-exposed pic of him looking at himself in his hand-built coffin, while the other postcard features the work of William "Dad" Martin (Ottawa), one of the finest Exaggerated Postcard makers of all time.

The final set of partial silhouettes at the bottom are the WLTs of Kansas - Cow Hairball (Garden City), Big Brutus (West Mineral), Prairie Dogs (Oakley), Ball of Twine (Cawker City), Book (Liberal), TeePee (Lawrence), VanGogh (Goodland), Spur (Abilene), Wren (Topeka), Buffalo (Longford), and two eggs (Topeka, Wilson at some point....)."


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Connie Dougherty
P O Box 186
Lucas, KS 67648
Phone: 785.525.6288
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