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Visit the Museum it is well worth the time.This is right on the old Santa Fe trail.Also I had the best Bar-B-Q any where.J...
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National Foundation for Carnival Heritage Center

Address: 112 and 200 E. 6th, second floor
Kinsley, KS 67547
Telephone Number: 620.659.2201
Second Telephone Number: 620.659.2838

About this Exploration:


In 1908, Edwards County resident, Charles Brodbeck was fascinated that people would ride a horse to town and pay a nickel to ride a wooden horse.  He bought a carousel and the family built one of the largest family carnivals in the nation.  Between 1907 and the 1980s Kinsley was home to six carnival companies.

This museum is housed inside an old department store and pays tribute to the area's carnival heritage with a wonderful collection of old broadsides, artifacts from early carnival games, and historic photographs. Dubbed "quirky" by the Los Angeles Times, this is a one of a kind museum as it is the only one in the state or nation.

The Center preserves the traditions of the family carnival, salutes famous carnival individuals and provides a nostalgic look at a form of entertainment from a simpler time in American life.

Located at 113 and 200 E. 6th in Kinsley, ride on a very unique carousel where the animals were designed by children from Kansas. 

Drop in any time or schedule a tour by contacting John Ploger at Fireside Realty 620.659.2201 or Shirley Watson at Midway Consignments, 124 E. 6th, 620.659.2838. 

Coming Soon - A Restored 1900 Heyn Double Decker Carousel - the only one in the Country!!!!

contact info
Linette Miller
108 E. 6th Street
Kinsley, KS 67547
Phone: 877.464.3929
Fax: 620.659.3304
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