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I love your Goosing story. What a great way and place to tell the story!
Connie Dougherty KE #81
SE Kansas
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No Goosing in Gridley

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Ordinance 13Because of the many incidents of “goosing” in Gridley in 1911, Gridley was the first to pass an ordinance against it.  As far as we know, we are the only town in the U.S. that has such an ordinance. 
The ordinance came about because of one incident that occurred on Main Street where an individual goosed someone who was talking to one of our most prominent citizens, causing the person goosed to knock the prominent citizen’s derby hat down over his ears.  The indignant citizens demanded action and the mayor called a special session of the city council on July 20, 1911, to pass the ordinance below.  It was published in the Gridley Light the very next day with this added comment, “One of the most indecent practices and biggest nuisances with which small towns have to contend.  It has proved a blessing to this town and our neighbors will do well to pass a similar measure.”

Ordinance #13

Making it unlawful for any person to practice what is known as “Goosing” another person, and fixing a penalty for the same. 

Be it ordained by the Mayor and Councilmen of the City of Gridley, Kansas:

Section I.  That it shall be unlawful for any person to punch another person with thumb, finger, stick or any other thing, in the manner commonly called known as “goosing.”

Section II.  Any person convicted of the violation of Section I of this ordinance shall be fined in any sum not to exceed twenty-five dollars and shall stand committed to the city jail until said fine and costs are paid.

Passed by the council and approved by the mayor, in special session, this 20th day of July, 1911.  J.R. Anspaugh, Mayor. C.E. Pilcher, City Clerk.

The ordinance attracted attention across the country with some expressing approval and others expressing some not so serious comments. As far as we know, the ordinance has never been repealed.  The original minutes of the special session and the published ordinance can be seen at the Gridley City Hall, 503 Main, Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

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Gridley, KS 66852
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