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Kathy, great job, thanks, granny g
Frankfort, Ks
NE Kansas
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Frankfort Rock

Address: K-99 and Ridge Road
Frankfort, KS 66427
Telephone Number: 785.292.4240
Second Telephone Number: 785.292.4335

About this Exploration:

A marquee sign it's not, but Frankfort is proud of their "Rock".

It's long been a tradition to paint the rock that is located on K-99 a few miles north of town. Everything that happens around Frankfort is put to print on the rock. It contains best wishes to many newly married couples, it cheers on the sports teams as they qualify for state and it even adds R.I.P. to our beloved ones that pass away.

The Rock is nothing fancy, just a big old red glacial rock. Story has it that the rock started out about the size of a bowling ball and because of all of the layers of paint it is now huge! I'm not sure about the size but I do remember when I was in high school, painting the rock was a big endeavor. I can still hear the kids say, "Did you see what the rock said?"

And of course, it draws the attention of other towns. Lots of neighboring kids like to paint their school colors or pictures of their mascot on our rock. Trust me it doesn't stay there long. We quickly transform the rock back to Frankfort. I kinda think this may be the original blog for our little town.

Painting the rock or just driving by to read the rock has and will always be a tradition here in Frankfort. And so ........."Did you see what the Rock said?"


contact info
City of Frankfort-Cathy
109 N Kansas
Frankfort, KS 66427
Phone: 785.292.4240
Fax: 785.292.4690
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