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Coldwater Golf Course

Address: south on 183 on the east side of Coldwater Lake.
Coldwater, KS


About this Exploration:

Coldwater Country Club has a rather unique golf course to offer area linksters and anyone who wishes to pay daily green fees and play the course. 
Years after the course was laid out, the members realized they had an ideal spot to put either a swimming pool, a practice green or another hole.  So therefore, what was constructed was a tenth hole.  The distinctive hole is the shortest hole on the course, 110 yards.  Although at the same time one of the most challenging; to reach the green a golfer tees up in what seems like a valley below, then he or she must loft the ball over a pond and up an incline to the green.  The only vision of the hole from the tee box is the flag that waves just above a row of bushes.

Coldwater Country Club was designed in 1951 when a local group gathered to raise $100 per acre for some land.  Apparently, the owner of the land offered to sell the golfers the acreage for the higher price, figuring that the members could not come up with the cash.  The contract stated that the landowner would keep all the money the club raised in its attempt to buy the land, even if it came up short, a veritable gamble.  To the delight of Coldwater golfers and the financial shock of the landowner, the committed linksters raised the capital, bought the land and began work.
The original greens in 1951 were made of sand, and then in 1959 the members changed them to cottonseed-hull greens.  And, then the final improvement to the greens was made in 1972 when the members switched to grass greens.
The exclusive 10-hole course is located just south of town on the east side of the lake.  Yardage for men is 3,122, with par being 39 strokes.  For women the yardage is 2,810 with the same par at 39.
A golfer can pay daily green fees of just $10 to play as many holes of golf as they can in a day.  Residents of Coldwater must be members to golf and pay yearly membership dues, and the course offers yearly reduced rates for out of county golfers.

contact info
City Hall
239 E. Main
Coldwater, KS 67029
Phone: 620.582.2940
Loretta Heft
PO Box 268
Coldwater, KS 67029
Phone: 620.582.2993
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